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Men's Prayer

Every Wednesday until May 3, 2017

5:30am – 6:30am

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Men of all ages, join us for 5 weeks for Men's Prayer. We read a book together, and use it to spark our conversations and prayer together. We'll keep it simple: 30 minutes of discussion, 30 mintues of prayer. 

Coffee will be had. 

This is a short book, and a powerful one. Deitrich Bonhoeffer was a German pastor who was martyred near the end of WW2 for his opposition to the Nazi regime under Hitler. He was 38. His writings, therefore, aren't those of simply an armchair theologian, but one who lived and ultimately died for what he believed. 

We do it early (5:30!) so those who have long commutes can still make it. It's a sacrifice for the sake of our *eh hem* life together. 

You can find the book here, or wherever books are sold. 

Reading & Discussion Schedule:

Apr 5: Intro & Chapter 1

Apr 12: Chapter 2

Apr 19: Chapter 3

Apr 26: Chapter 4

May 3: Chapter 5



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